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Property and Real Estate Law

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  • Sale & Purchase Agreement (S&P)
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Lease
  • Leaseback Agreement
  • Rental Guaranteed Agreement
  • Trust Deed and Power of Attorney
  • Development Joint Venture Agreement
  • Construction Contract
  • Property Management
  • Developer Advisory Works
  • Real Estate Agency Advisory Works and Training

Banking & Financial Services

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✔  Housing Loan
✔  Business Loan
✔  Commercial Loan
✔  Project Financing
✔  Bridging Loan Financing
✔  End Financing
✔  Banking and Financial Appeals

Wills, Probate & Estate Administration

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✔  Wills Writing
✔  Application for Grant of Probate
✔  Application for Letter of Administration
✔  Application for Small Estate Distribution Order
✔  Estate Administration & Distribution
✔  Resealing of Probate & Administration

Divorce & Family Law

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✔  Divorce Proceeding (Single Petition & Joint Petition)
✔  Division & Settlement of Matrimonial Asset
✔  Custodianship of Children
✔  Maintenance to Wife and Children

Corporate & Commercial Law

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✔  Partnership Agreement
✔  Joint Venture Agreement
✔  Shareholder’s Agreement
✔  Share Acquisition Agreement
✔  Share Sale Agreement
✔  Licensing Agreement
✔  Franchising Agreement
✔  Investment Agreement
✔  Equity Participation
✔  Merger & Acquisition
✔  Settlement Agreement
✔  Project Development
✔  Distributorship Agreement
✔  Due Diligence Exercise
✔  Employment Contract/ Contract of Service
✔  Contract for Service
✔  Operation & Maintenance Agreement
✔  Agreement for Keyman Insurance
✔  Buy Back Agreement



Intellectual Properties

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✔  Trade mark applications

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

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✔  Debt Recovery
✔  Claim for Breaches of Contract
✔  Injunctions
✔  Industrial Relation
✔  Negligence & Tort
✔  Insurance Claim
✔  Corporate disputes
✔ Tenancy disputes
✔  General Litigation
✔  Dispute and Strategic Advice
✔  Enforcement of Judgment
✔  Arbitration Advice
✔  Bankruptcy proceedings
✔  Winding up proceedings
✔  Judgement Debtor Summons
✔  Eviction proceedings
✔  Seizure and Sale
✔  Garnishee Proceedings

Other Areas of Law

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